Travel accommodation


Every traveler requires a “second home”, somewhere one is comfortable and can easily unwind in while waiting to see what the next day holds. Therefore, choosing accommodation is a major milestone for a traveler as comfort and security are the key factor determinants. Depending on the destination, budget and the number of people traveling, one can choose the type of accommodation to go for.

Types of Accommodation

There are various types of accommodation all over and it is up to the traveler to choose lodging that best suit his/her needs. Some of the most common types of accommodation include:


This is the most common type of accommodation which encompasses a wide range of budgets. A hotel provides travelers with specially designed service rooms where personal needs are catered for.


Motor hotels are mostly privately owned and ordinarily designed to serve motorists. A motel is made up of rooms connected with the front doors opening right in the parking lot. Though cheaper than hotels, motels cannot serve a large number of people for a long period.


Resorts are meant to cater mainly to persons traveling for leisure. They are majorly located in or near tourist locations and offer state of the art amenities such as swimming pools and golf courses. Such accommodation requires a well-planned budget and adequately informed decisions.


These are low-budget accommodations, meant for people traveling on meager budgets. It is a four or more bed-dorm sorted according to gender with bathrooms. Hostels provide a great opportunity to socialize with other travelers and get to share experiences. Some hostels provide food for their occupants too.


The caravans can either be static or mobile. They involve traveling with or renting vehicles in which luggage is put in. Some cars are big enough for people to sleep in.

Guesthouses/ villas

For families who want a peaceful and private accommodation area, then villas and guest houses are the perfect fit. They can hold at least four people at a time and give access to a kitchen, and dining room, unlike most hotels. Since the accommodation is self-contained, it helps save on extra meals costs.

                    Choosing a vacation stay

When settling on a particular place to stay, there are several factors considered as:

The budget; a major factor since, the finance available is going to pay for the accommodation.

Your destination; in terms of safety factors, your familiarity with the place, and the geographical makeup of the area.

Activities, for someone planning to tour all day visiting sites, then accommodation will only be for resting. In case one wishes to hang around the pool sipping a cocktail while sun basking, then it will require investing more in a resort.

Eating habits; which may range from, eating out to making your meals. For some, exploring new dishes in a foreign place is a delight and would rather eat out.

 Travel company; a huge determinant, because, if you are traveling with a company, all of you have to agree on what fits you all best.

Choosing accommodation requires a thorough evaluation to make the best choices.