Travel challenges


From deceptive pricing to random health issues, travelers face a couple of challenges which could cause total disarray to the well-arranged itinerary. However, that does not mean one should pack their bags and go back home, but rather find alternative solutions.

Possible challenges faced by travelers

A new environment is a blissful experience as one can explore and discover new cultures, foods, and sceneries altogether. Nevertheless, at the most unexpected moment, the worst could happen.

 Some challenges faced may include:


It may be financially, under packing, missing required medical shots just to name a few. This may be a result of a lack of proper planning. This can delay the journey or even cut short trips. A traveler may misplace documents and passports and therefore the travel authorities may be forced to deny travel permission.

Losing luggage

Though not very common nowadays, delaying luggage or even worse, losing luggage has been a challenge to many travelers; especially for those whose luggage is put in luggage cabins. Losing luggage leads to uncalled expenses as one will have to replace lost items on arrival. For example, my job at allowed me one vacation month. As soon as I left the airport and arrived at the next one, all my luggage somehow ended up at an airport 800 miles away!

Unforeseen charges

These are what a traveler is slammed with each time he books a hotel room, flight or rental car. More often than not, these charges come as hidden extra expenses which may be easily overlooked when booking. Local traders tend to have an eye for travelers and may intentionally hike prices for local commodities.

Health issues

Such issues may be caused by a reaction to the new climate, the water, and food poisoning. Getting ill in a foreign place is a hustle and many may opt to go back home to receive treatment if it is not an emergency.

Language barrier

The language barrier is a challenge mostly faced by tourists from or traveling to non-English speaking countries. Hindered communication can be frustrating especially if the destination is unfamiliar.

Travel problem solutions

Getting insured

Getting sick while traveling is never fun but it pays to be prepared before you travel. Some travel insurance coverage costs for medical evacuation and provides medical services to their clients. Medical insurances functional in multiple countries are a lifesaver too. Being insured saves on expenses and ensures one gets proper health care.

Securing luggage

In case you find that your luggage is missing, immediately contact the airlines’ customer service and get the name of the person you are talking to. This helps to keep tabs on the luggage and also get reimbursed if the luggage delays for more than six hours. It is always advisable to have a small ‘go-bag’ with essentials just in case your luggage faces any delays.

Fair charges

Having an overview of the prices before arriving in a foreign place helps avoid overcharged items and services. If possible, have a trusted friend who can advise you appropriately.

Language translation

Travel agencies provide translators to help out travelers.

Finally, being properly prepared will help save on future inconveniences.